Saturday, June 27, 2009

Boston Tomorrow!

Wow, today seemed like such a long and tiring day! In class we learned about the symptoms of depression. Dr.J said that there are two types of depression the ups and the down, and they each fluctuate from high to low. It was really interesting to find out the symptoms, and kind of makes me paranoid that some illness will take over my mind. In our discussion group we talked about finally finishing the book, and we all reflected on it. I felt the book is really depressing yet hopeful at the same time. Because we she her go from terribly ill to almost all better, even though it took her a really long time. For the rest of the class period we talked about intelligence, and this is really helpful for me because our group is doing our project on Just how are you intelligent.

Throughout the whole day we were trying to keep our friend occupied so she wouldn't figure out that we were secretly buying her a cake for her birthday. We celebrated by going to the mall and watching a movie, then going out for dinner at a pho place. She was very surprised, and liked the Asian food that she tried for the first time. Even though we all seemed preoccupied, some of us are excited to be going to Boston and Cambridge tomorrow. I can't wait to visit Tufts because that's where the girl from our book went to college. I also can't wait for the other two to arrive! Then our group will be complete! Well I'm off to bed, got to get up bright and early for the trip!

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