Wednesday, June 24, 2009

College Q&A

As Meuy mentioned in her post, she and I (along with Mercedes!) went to a College Q & A held for the girls in our hall. We were all given a chance to ask any questions we had about Brown or college in general and our RAs (Sophia, Michelle, and Mayte) tried their best to answer them.

I found this extremely helpful and informative! The questions varied from What are the sororities / fraternities like? to Why did they choose Brown? I thought it was cool that we actually got answers from college students who currently go to Brown. And I liked how their perspectives were all a bit different since they were different ages (1 sophomore and 2 seniors) and came from different backgrounds.

Out of the different topics they talked about I really liked the advice they gave on the application process and why they chose Brown. All said we should only apply for early decision only if we have researched everything about the college and are 100 percent sure that we will be happy going there. They also gave us tips about when to start applications and what readers look for.

The three RAs said we should start the common application this summer since we're going to need a lot of time to write the essays (although they're pretty short, one said she rewrote her essay more than 8 times!). They advised us to be open and honest in what we write. I loved that all of them said they ultimately chose Brown for its open curriculum and diversity because I like the academic freedom and I doubt I could ever go to a school with little or no diversity.

They also gave extremely helpful advice for college. One student asked about the transition from high school to college. For them, the transition wasn't too tough it's just all about balancing time for studying and socializing. Sophia mentioned that in high school we're able to join several clubs or be in leadership, but in college, although 4 classes may not seem like a lot, the work is time consuming. So she told us to find one passion (like Michelle's for ballroom dancing) and focus on it rather than try to join every club on campus.

I felt the event was very educational and I'm glad the three of us were able to go! It was great to hear from a college student's point of view and know I will be able to use every piece of advice in the future.


Charles Tillman Ramsey said...


Learning from college students is always valuable. They are close to the scene and have a pulse on the campus. I do want all of you to take a campus tour hosted by the University before you leave. This will give you much needed information about Brown University.

Please also provide written anaylsis about how this compares to UPENN, where you were a student last year. I hope that you see the Ivy League schools as an "option" for attending college.

You are fortunate that you have had two years on the East Coast and have had a chance to compare. I do hope that you will bring your experience and knowledge back to the Hercules High School Community.

I am also looking forward to the first ILC Hip Hop Dance that Julia and Ramiah are working on when all of our Ivy League Connection Students return from their summer studies program.

Hope all else is going well and remember to post some photos from Thayer Street, your dorms and your classrooms. We would also love to see a picture of your professor.

Let Meuy know that I am anxiously awaiting her fine speech on Brown University, Sidney Frank Scholars and his legacy and the work of Brown University President Ruth Simmons.

Take care. Go Titans!

Charles T. Ramsey, Esq.
School Board Member
West Contra Costa
Unified School District

Don Gosney said...


When we listen to recruiters at these college fairs, even though many of them these days are relatively young, they're salesmen and they're trying to sell you on their school.

They may know the technical specifications about the process and the school but there's always a side story that needs to be heard and you're not going to hear it from the recruiters.

Listening to your contemporaries who are living the college life at that school can be invaluable. They can give you insights you won't find anywhere else.

I'm pleased to see that these sessions are being offered and that you took advantage of what was offered.