Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Day three...

Today I a great day!
In the morning session we took a tour of the life science building...which is great because Dean Thompson said that is something that no one gets to do. We got introduced to three microscopes that are used to look at electrons.
In the afternoon we got a lecture about connective tissues.
Connective tissues:
-consist of cells, fibers, and extracellular matrix
-derived mostly from mesoderm (fromembryonic layer that surrounds coelom)
-functions in support, as a mediu, for exchange between blood and tissue, for starage, for protection and repair, for nutrition, ect.
-three types: loose, dense and specialized
-loose connective tissues-fewer fibers, more cells, more extracellular matrix
-dense connective tissue-two main categories: regular (ex. tendon and ligament) and Irregular (ex. in areas of dermis)
-specialized connective tissue-mucous, elastic, reticular, adipose & neurovascular

Night Activities!
So at 8pm the girls from my floor and the girls from a different quad got together and we made door stoppers!
It was really fun to socialize with the other girls...even though my door stop was too short for my door, I know what a bummer, I still had so much fun!

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