Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Work load

Well I have had a real look into what a real college class is actually like. My introduction to psychology and human behavior class has been reading a book called the quiet room which is a memoir about a girl who grew up with schizophrenia. we have had to read it for homework (about 100 pages a day) and have had to email our teacher's assistants our feedback on what we think about the book so far.

As for me I find the book to be so interesting because the book gives the reader an inside look into what it is like to live with this illness. The character in this book goes through life here voices whom command her to kill her self and she hallucinates as well. We have class discussions in class about what we thought on the reading we did which is really fun an interesting because we hear what everyone thinks about the book and everyone is on the same page.

So far I have enjoyed my class and when i am not in class or doing my work I am having meetings with my floor mates and my RA (ROOM ASSISTANT).Also tomorrow in class we will watching the movie A Beautiful Mind and then discussing the psychological aspect of it on Friday.


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Don Gosney said...


Sadly, understanding schizophrenia is something we all ned to become educated on and better informed about. It seems that everywhere we turn we're finding more and more homeless people in our own neighborhoods suffering from this mental disorder. I have to think it would be better for us all to know more about what they're going through, the affects of the treatment that's offered (along with the side affects) and even how we can help these people to better assimilate themselves into the world they've chosen or been forced to live in. I realize that not all of them live on the streets by choice but some have made the choice that they'd rather live with the problem than live with the solution. The side affects of many of the drugs turns people into something less than a functioning person and many feel that this is no way to live.