Wednesday, June 24, 2009

What a Long Day

The day started off as usual, I usually get up with my roommate Jagdeep even though her class is an hour before mine. She's really cool and I think we get along very well. After getting ready, I decided to do some extra reading on my project on the topic, Just how are you intelligent? I find it very interesting, and I like the thought that not everything has to be based off of SAT scores or testing; different people are smart in their own unique ways. Anyways, right after I went to meet Courtney and Meuy up by their dorms, where we proceeded out of the dorms to the quad to meet Cynthia and Karen. Unfortunately Cynthia woke up late, and really rushed down the stairs, but she was right on time. We continued our walk to the cafeteria and had a delightful breakfast.

In class we talked more about the disease that we were assigned reading on. The book is called "The Quiet Room" and it's about a young woman who developed schizophrenia in her late teens. It's intriguing to see how the illness affects her and her family. I especially see that she isn't improving much because no cares enough to help her cope with the disease, they all just pressure her to get rid of the voices. Not only did we learn about schizophrenia, we also touched on research methods and learning. For example most people are motivated to do good in school for the grade, praise, parent's approval etc. But other do it out of the pure motivation and determination they have inside.

After class, we had lunch with our friends and immediately started working on our homework. After homework we went to CVS and the gym. Time flew by really quick and next thing we knew, we were off to dinner. After dinner we did the usual which is more homework and blogging. You can really see the continuing cycles starting to take place. That's all for today!


Charles Tillman Ramsey said...


You are learning a great deal about time management and the loads of being at a rigorous and engaging University. You will have to balance your schedule and show due diligence for your assignments.

Continue to keep us posted. I will be in Providence tomorrow evening and I look forward to seeing all of you bright and early on Saturday morning for our trip to Harvard, MIT and Tufts. We may not have enough time to visit Brandeis, but we will do our very best.

Please try to post pictures, we all want to see more of the campus.

Charles T. Ramsey, Esq.
School Board Member
West Contra Costa
Unified School District

Don Gosney said...


Are you helping Cynthia to see the error of her ways so that she'll be the ones waiting on all of you? This failure to be punctual is becoming a major problem and will have serious repercussions for future ILC participants. Rather than checking their grades and test scores we may check their attendance records and put them through a series of tests to see if they can be relied upon to show up, arrive on time, return emails and blog as promised.

At least you were there on time. A gold star for Gina today.