Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Psychology, a possible major?

I walked to class ready for what Dr.J had to throw at me. I found the lectures interesting. I really like Dr.J's way of teaching. Today, we learned about how to structure an experiment. I actually did not know how much work and thought was needed to construct a good case study but now I know. I really appreciate how he really listens to all our opinions which may revolutionize the original idea.

Then we split into our groups to discuss a research topic and my group, the "Sexy Pandas," decided to do our research on the various types of intelligence. We figured that the IQ tests are not necessarily relative to measuring the intelligence of a person. People are smart at different subjects. For example, a person may have a high IQ but may not be doing so well in school or horrible in music. One test should not determine the limit of a person's intelligence. I am really excited to research more on my own and as a group because this is exactly what I believe. I believe there are more than one definition for intelligence. It just so happens that people ultimately associate the intelligence of someone through certain tests. I think that tests are not very accurate.

I am now done with my talk about class. Now it is time to talk about homework. We are reading a book called "The Quiet Room" by Lori Schiller. It is about this female who suffers from schizophrenia. The book is very eccentric but interesting because I am reading from different perspectives. I found out that it not only affect the person diagnosed with it but it is affecting her family as well. After reading a major part of the book, I now have a different view. It made me feel grateful for the life I have even though it may not be perfect but then again, what is perfect? No one can be perfect. The imperfections is what makes a person unique and not banal.

The main character's younger brother, Steven, decided to study psychology in college because he wanted to find a cure for his sister. He is an inspiration to me even though later on, he did drop the subject. He really reached out to me because he cared so much for her that he had decided to devote his life trying to help his sister. After that, I wanted to major in psychology but that desire only lasted a while. It is still in the back of my mind because I really enjoy this book. I want to help people who have mental illnesses. Maybe it is because I knew people who had fell into the spectrum of mental disorders and I witness their life. Therefore, I am considering psychology as a potential major.

I will see how the class goes and then finally decide if psychology is the subject for me. So far, I really enjoy and I hope to learn more.

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Don Gosney said...


It's late right now but I wanted to post a response to some of your comments. Sometime on Thursday please see my response to Gina's blog since you both touched on the subject of intelligence tests and my comments are for the both of you.

I'm curious, Meuy, why it is that you admired the brother, Steven, so much for what he initially tried to do but ended up bailing on? I haven't read the book so all I know is what I'm reading in your blogs but it seems that while he might be admired for his initial interests, there is a fundamental flaw in him that became apparent when he chose to drop his studies in psychology. Maybe you can fill in the blanks for me and help me to understand why he changed directions as he did and why you might admire someone who gave up like he did.