Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Wednesday in Providence

Still not a ray of sun but I think we are all getting used to it and will be shocked when there is an actual patch of blue sky.

Today I went to Johnson and Wales University and took the tour and spoke to several admissions officers. I was very impressed with JandW. It is a career focused, industry driven university where students begin taking classes in their major from day 1.

The schools are Technology, Hospitality and Culinary Arts. There are two other campuses in Miani and Charlotte NC. The Providence campus is spread pretty much all over town and ranges from the modern cinder block to the old old brick. I was especially impressed that 98% of their graduates have jobs in their chosen field within 60 days of graduation. J and W was rated as one of the top 'Learn by Doing" colleges in the last issue of Newsweek's Best Colleges issue. It reminds me very much of our own Cal Poly in SLO. Oh, and a number of the restaurants in Providence are either owned by a graduate or a graduate works there. It was a fun day.

Providence is a very alive town! When I returned to the hotel there was a live jazz band playing in the hotel courtyard and on the corner an outdoor movie theatre was setting up. I am in the middle of lots of fun restaurants and shops and right next to the Grace Church which reminds me of every hour and half hour.

Looking forward to Mr Ramsey and Ms Kronenberg being here this weekend and I will remind the students to have ALL their work done for the weekend because they will have no down time, so thats all for now, will keep in touch--ps- the photos are 1)entrance to JandW 2)Library 3) Take note- the SMALLEST National Park in the US!! it is about half the size of a football field-


Don Gosney said...


There has to be a back story to that postage stamp sized National Park. I'll have to check it out.

I get to pull a 2fer this Saturday morning as I see off two sets of our ILC cohorts. The second batch of Brownies is only two strong but they'll get my full treatment just as if they were as large as the first batch. What else might a single guy do late on a Friday night but sit out in front of the local high school to see who drives by?

In case you see any of our kids, let them know that I saw Wednesday's blogs but by the time I finished responding to the Cornell blogs (more than 20 responses today) and I stopped for a bite to eat, Comcast killed our Internet in this area and it wasn't until a few minutes ago that we got it back. Since it's nearly 2 AM I've gotten myself out of the mood for tonight but when I awaken I'll get right back on it.

Prudence Kent said...

ok Don, thanks and have fun with the two groups, glad it is not me again doing the 4 a.m. shift!